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V for Vendetta Speech

I think it's time to let you guys know that the previous descriptions were basically tongue-in-cheek trolls. And boy, it worked. I get several emails a day from youtube telling me people have commented and they all sound pretty pissed off. I'm actually a Socialist IRL. Thanks for watching. Also, yeah, I'm aware that the speech is missing something from the centre. When I ripped it and put it on WMM, it gave me loads of 10 second clips and it seems I forgot to put some in; sorry about that.

Author: Matt Labunda
Rating: 5
Views: 3,535,401
Uploaded: November 19th, 2006 @ 3:46 pm
Duration: 03:58

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Latest Comments:

I'm gonna ask it here too; when are we going to overthrow capitalism?
Remember The 5th of November 
I figured this was fitting today.
it makes alot of sense 
#NSA #Illuminati #Freemasons #fakemoonlanding 
dig it?
this movie is Oopsing awesome ! 
in our current future we will become the Terran empire.
Something makes me think that V really exists hahaha
I Love My Country.. But Fear My Government..
an icon!
lol people celebrate Guy Fawkes, A man who failed miserably. 
Bill Cosby got burnt bitch
November 5th is my birthday awesome for me
glad to be born on this date

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