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SpaceGlasses are the future of computing

http://cnet.co/13pCDiT http://www.spaceglasses.com Meta's SpaceGlasses video shows the huge potential of augmented reality, bringing the computing scenarios of "Iron Man" to life. Get yours now at Spaceglasses.com

Author: CNET
Rating: 5
Views: 1,155,054
Uploaded: August 9th, 2013 @ 8:22 pm
Duration: 01:30

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Latest Comments:

Is that minecraft?
Meta Smart Glass 
Thanks guys~~~
...? doubt it.
Well that wasent very useful
I agree on this
they can't play chess.
These are probably real but HOW!
Can anyone pre order these or only developers cause I want to get a pair
make that osem !!!
wai so you're saying this is REAL!?

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