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Home2wake and htc logo menu button htc one tbalden

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2307371 This video shows that with some kernel driver modification and keylayout settings change, the upper part of the HTC logo can be used as a button. But be aware, that the lower part of the HTC Logo is not sensitive to touch, and also the modification uses a tiny bit of the screen part to give a secure responsiveness to the press the user is doing. So by design, it needs a bit of trick to use the Logo as an ideal button, as it was NOT intended to be used as a button. To sum up: expect this to be part of custom mods, not official, as it's using up a tiny bit of the screen too above the logo to give a good functional experience (e.g. in a paint application you wont be able to paint on that small part of the screen, but generally, in 95% of the use cases of a phone, it'll be fine with this mod)

Author: Pál Zoltán Illés
Rating: 5
Views: 89,705
Uploaded: April 23rd, 2013 @ 6:55 am
Duration: 00:10

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Latest Comments:

program the logo in Android? totally doable. awesome.
With rooted devices only?
Brilliant indeed.
how does that work? are you using a custom rom or something?
Sweet now just need my phone. Its in transit I'm so excited Lol.
why not map them like this "BACK - HOME - MENU"
Great job!!! I hope this became standard on the one modding community

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